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Statfolio is a portfolio tracker for anyone who owns financial investments and wants to better understand how they are performing. It can be used by retail investors, accountants, professional investors and portfolio managers.

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Some of the benefits, but not the only ones:
  • Understand how your portfolio performed over time
  • Understand the diversification of your investments
  • Identity which sectors or industries are performing well and which are not
  • See how each holding evolved over time and the top performing investments

Currently, only US-listed stocks can be tracked. A large number of stocks are available, including all the S&P500 companies. We're adding more symbols everyday. If you symbol is not available, feel free to request it

We will extend the platform to international stocks and ETFs in the near future.

Some brokers may indeed offer some of our features, but they usually give you only limited visibility. For them, tracking your portfolio is only a side feature. Brokers have the incentive to determine you to make more transactions.

Statfolio is not in the brokerage business, so our main objective is to help you understand your investments better, even if that means making fewer transactions. In addition to that, with Statfolio you can track the portfolios from multiple brokers

At this moment, only the USD ($) is supported (and USD-denominated financial instruments). We plan to extend support to other currencies in the near future, so stay tuned.

You start by creating a portfolio and adding orders in it. We then aggregate those orders into holdings for each company you invested in. These holdings are then aggregated into industries, then into sectors and finaly at portfolio-level. Each aggregation step produces a report for that granularity, so you will be able to analyze your investments at the level of the entire portfolio, a sector, an industry, an individual holding or even for each separate order.

All you need to get started is an email address. After you sign up, you create a portfolio and then you can add a few orders for testing purposes. Don't worry, these test orders can be removed later on.

After you added the orders, in a few seconds the system will start aggregating those orders and compute all the charts. You can navigate to the menu items under the "CHARTS" section to see them.

Simply add your buy or sell transactions - Statfolio will automatically record any dividends, share splits or other changes caused by corporate actions.