About Statfolio

Statfolio was created at the beginning of 2021. As a stock investor, I used to track all my investments in an excel file. It worked well for the first few years, but as I continued to add more orders, computing the charts correctly became harder and harder. At first I tried to find existing services to replace the excel file, but most of them are either very expensive and way too simplistic to be of real help. The majority of trackers only focus on a table of holdings + a pie/line chart, with no performance tracking over time, no sector and industry level analysis, no dividend tracking etc.

That's why I decided to create a web app myself. Initially I didn't plan to give it to others, but only to replace the cumbersome excel file. As I continued to add more and more features and more powerful charting capabilities, I realized that others might be interested to use the app, that's when I decided to launch statfolio.net. One month later, the initial version was born.